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About Us

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Sign up for the Private Investigator Master Class. $3300 & One Hundred hours is what I require. At the end of your completion PIMC you will own your own business and REM will pay for your first year License and Registration.

I spent more than 33 years under cover and now retired I am helping people to reach their highest potential….. Robert E Mahdal CEO President REM HOLDINGS

Our Company

Our Business is Protecting your Business. Across The Globe!

Our business objective is to ensure a secure business for you.

We provide various types of investigation services for various industries like IT, corporate, insurance and many more to provide a secure environment for a seamless business process.

Corporate Risk Investigations

Every corporate business possesses risk at some point of time. To mitigate those risks and ensure a smooth business process, corporate risk investigation is mandatory.

Intellectual Property Rights Investigations

A secure IP is the base of all IT and corporate businesses. To protect your right for the Intellectual Properties, you need an investigation team to evaluate and ensure it. We are here for that.

Insurance Claim Investigation

Does the claim seem a little fishy? You can also perform an investigation to learn if the insurance claim is genuine or not. You just need assistance from a certified corporate investigation company.

Our Core Values & Expertises

My clients are my strength and I am loved by our clients. REM Network takes pride in saying that our retention rate is over 66% and we are the first choice of our clients for digital marketing or website services.


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